The Lovelee Details

The Beauty and Durability of a Diamond at a Fraction of the Price

Moissanite is made from silicon carbide, a crystalline compound of both silicon and carbon prized for its semiconducting properties. Though moissanite was initially manufactured in a lab for industrial and scientific uses, it was very quickly apparent that there was a market for this gemstone that had the same hardness as diamond with twice the sparkle. Since then, moissanite has become the most popular alternative diamond, and many customers believe that in terms of brilliance, it surpasses diamonds.

What Makes Lovelee Moissanite So Special

On the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, which measures a gemstone’s ability to withstand surface scratching, diamonds measure 10. Moissanite measures 9.5. This score makes moissanite one of the hardest substances on the planet.

Moissanite also has over twice the fire of diamonds, making it the gemstone with the highest measurable fire. Fire is what gives a gemstone a rainbow prism effect. Moissanite also has the most brilliance of any gem in the world. Brilliance is measured by the amount of light reflected back at your eye. In other words, moissanite is measurably more beautiful than diamonds.

In addition to its surface toughness, moissanite can also withstand much higher temperatures than diamonds. So although this stone might have been made in a lab, it will exist in the universe for millennia to come.

What Makes Lovelee Moissanite Gems Different

Commercial moissanite comes in three different color grades: faint color, near colorless, and truly colorless. While some of our competitors’ stones can fall into those first two cheaper categories, all of our moissanite gemstones are produced for perfect colorless stone. While some of our competitors’ stones can look slightly yellow, all of our moissanite gemstones are produced for perfect flawlessness and clarity. We guarantee every Lovelee Moissanite gemstone is a D color, meaning a truly colorless stone. You get the same brilliance and quality, for a fraction of the cost.