More Moissanite FAQ's!

MOISSANITE FAQ: The Most Asked Questions! 

What stone shines the brightest?

With a brilliance refractive index of 2.65 to 2.69, moissanite is the world's most brilliant gemstone. This means the speed of light refracting in moissanite is 2.65 to 2.69 times slower than the speed of light in the air.

How does it shine so bright? 

Moissanites are doubly refractive meaning one beam of light goes in and two beams come out, compared to a diamond where one beam of light comes in and one comes out. Those beams create that rainbow of shimmer that you see. 

What is Brilliance? 

One of the key features of a diamond is its brilliance. Brilliance is the white light thats reflected and mixed with the rainbow fire that you see! The rainbow light is the fire. Diamonds reflect light in many ways, based on the cut of the stone. Some cuts have a real brightness while others, mainly antique stones, have a fiery quality. With moissanite, the fiery level is difficult to control. In bigger stones, the refraction will create a rainbow of colors. The lower refraction index of diamonds controls this effect much better. Moissanites have a 2.65-2.69 range while Diamonds have a 2.42 Moissanites are much sparklier than diamonds. When you mix the white light with the rainbow, you get the most stunning shimmer! 

Due to the nature of refraction, it becomes more noticeable the larger the object. Because of this, the larger the moissanite stone, the more obvious the effect, and the more obvious it is that it isn’t a diamond. At Lovelee, we design larger stones with a more minimal refraction rate so that your larger stones sparkle enough to still appear very similar to a diamond but more than most diamonds of the similar size!  

Are diamonds more rare? 

No! Natural Moissanite is actually more rare and created from a meteorite. Because of that, they have been created by master technicians. They have studied the science and been able to create a gemstone with the exact chemical properties as natural moissanite. In many countries, Diamonds are not as expensive as in the US because the media has programmed us to believe that Diamonds are superior. In reality, Moissanite have the sparkle we typically dream of when we think for the perfect diamond. 

Are moissanites measured in Carats? 

No! Moissanites are actually measured in millimeters. Carats actually equal the weight of the stone. We give you a very close estimate of what the Moissanite would be in millimeter versus Carat. 

One key difference between moissanite and diamonds is how their carat size is perceived. Moissanite tends to appear larger than diamonds of the same carat weight due to its higher refractive index, which measures how much light is refracted or bent as it passes through the gemstone. This means that a moissanite of a certain carat weight may appear more significant to the naked eye than a diamond of the same weight.

It is essential to consider this difference in appearance when comparing moissanite and diamonds in carat size. Instead of relying on appearance alone, a millimeter-to-carat weight conversion chart or calculator is recommended to compare the two gemstones accurately. This can help consumers make informed decisions about which stone is best for their needs and preferences.

Something else to consider when choosing a stone size is the proportions. A 1 ct or But the dimensions of the different components of a ring will affect how big or small a stone will appear. 

Are Moissanites different than CZ’s? 

Moissanite is completely different in comparison to a diamond simulant like Cubic Zirconia,  CZ stones are not durable, they are a porous stone that will scratch , change color, chip and cloud.  Moissanite gemstones are the second hardest gemstone used in jewelry making today, it's durable for everyday wear, high clarity, ideals cuts and preferred color grades. 

Created in DEF colorless color grade, Moissanites are guaranteed to maintain their brilliance for a lifetime. Moissanite is widely recognized as an excellent diamond alternative gemstone, it has been used in the jewelry market for well over 25 years. It has gained more popularity among millennials and diamond alternative brides over the last 10 years, and continue to be deemed the number one diamond alternative chosen by our brides.

Moissanite gemstones are also superior to diamond by way of refraction. Revealing an even more appealing sparkle factor. Moissanite are also more affordable than diamonds, allowing one to create an out of world piece of jewelry without an out of this world budget!